Want to Save Money by Breeding Your Own Live Mealworms?

Photograph of Live Mealworms

We’ve added a new “How To” section to TastyWorms.com.  Our first guide will teach you how to breed your own live mealworms using materials from your local department store, your kitchen or from the Tasty Worms Nutrition online store.

We’re interested in hearing your feedback on our first guide.  Feel free to drop us a comment if you’re in need of some assistance or have a suggestion.  We’re also looking for suggestions for future guides.

Why are Dried Mealworms Hollow?

Look closely, see how the broken mealworms are hollow?

We are often asked why dried mealworms are hollow.  Sometimes, this question is accompanied by an assumption that because dried mealworms are hollow, that they must be lacking in nutrition.  Nutritional analysis is performed on dried mealworms after they are dried, so the notion that they have less nutrition than a live mealworm is simply not true.  Why dried mealworms are hollow has everything to do with the physiology of the mealworm.

Mealworms are the larval form of the Darkling Beetle, a small flightless beetle that loves to eat grain.  Mealworm larva have just one job, to eat enough food to begin their metamorphosis into an adult beetle.  As their primary job is eating, the mealworm larva’s body is essentially one long digestive tract that begins at their mouth and ends “you know where.”  This digestive tract is made up of three creatively named parts called the fore-gut, mid-gut, and hind-gut.  Most of the moisture in a mealworm is contained within these guts.

When the mealworms are prepared for the drying process, they are blanched which causes the gut to empty of waste and undigested food.  Some of this food, mostly wheat bran stays behind, and this is where the dried mealworms get their fiber content.

During the drying process, the moisture is removed from the mealworm and this causes the gut and organs to shrink back towards the inside walls of the mealworm.  When you snap a dried mealworm in half, you see this long straight cavity, that once housed the gut and organs as a long straight hollow tube.

But, never fear! Dried mealworms being hollow is why they are so nutritionally dense.  Live mealworms contain quite a bit of water, which means that your pet will get full faster when eating live mealworms vs. dried mealworms.  Being hollow also gives dried mealworms some interesting properties, such as being able to float in an aquarium or pond.

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We Finally Made a Blog!

We’ve been tossing the idea of a blog around for about 4 years now, but we didn’t want another “blog for blogs sake” corporate blog that many companies  often make.  It was important for us that this blog be a valuable resource in its own right.  We’ll answer some frequently asked questions here in detail, highlight creative uses of products, showcase customer’s animals, explain how to use complicated products, and showcase some of the wildlife rehabilitation work that our non-profit arm City Bats Conservancy performs.

We hope you will join us on this journey!